machine learning sample projects

10 Fun Machine Learning Project Ideas for Newbies

Machine learning is considered as one of the most significant technological developments in the modern world. “Learning by doing” is a great way to get familiar >>

NumPy vs Pandas image

Pandas vs Numpy: The Decisive Guide

Python usage is continuously increasing. With wide applications in several areas including machine learning and scientific computations. And for this >>

Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Data Mining and Business Intelligence: How They Work Together

Business Intelligence (BI) and data mining are tremendously valuable to businesses. When brought together, they help companies leverage their data in order >>

Your Guide to Different Ways of Initializing a Vector in C++

<img src=”″ style=”display: block;” /> Are you a beginner just starting your C++ journey >>

“Shades of Blue” Experiment and What it Means to a Data Scientist

The difference between blue and green is clear and it’s pretty much a straightforward decision when deciding whether a blue or green tie matches your shirt. >>

Anatomy of Loss Functions: Questions and Answers

Anatomy of Loss Functions: Questions and Answers A lost function is essential in the evaluation and prediction of the performance of a model. It determines the >>

10 Unobvious Facts About Cyber Security Analyst Job

A company’s data is one of its greatest strengths. The value of data that an organization has access to will determine how well it fairs in >>

Data Science Master Degree: To Take or Not to Take

Data science, surely, has risen to become one of the world’s highest-paying jobs today. Tech firms’ obsession with data scientists is a guarantee >>

The 21st Century’s AI Biggest Achievements

Artificial Intelligence (AI) dates back to antiquity when philosophers concocted fables, myths, and rumors about how artificial entities may be endowed with >>

How to Master Memoization in Python

In seventh and eighth grades, we were taught Sequences and Series in Mathematics. In most cases, it took several minutes (and even hours) to find the >>

Sorting in R: A Comprehensive Guide

If things were unsorted, life would be a mess. Without sorting, we all would go several years looking for a specific telephone number in a directory >>

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