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Train and Test Data image

How to Train and Test Data Like a Pro

In data science, training data and testing data are two major roles. Evaluating the performance of a built model is just as significant as training and >>

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Unsupervised vs Supervised Machine Learning: Full Explanation

If you want to understand machine learning, you should learn the difference between the two main types of machine learning. We can group most machine learning >>

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Creative Data Mining Project Ideas for Any Level

Are you looking for ideas for data mining projects that you can complete? Regardless of if you’re a student or professional data analyst, it’s always good >>

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Artificial Intelligence Careers: The 101 Guide

In case you missed it, the future is already here with us. COVID-19 ushered the Fourth Industrial Revolution and, with it, a renewed appreciation for data-driven >>

Multiple Regression Analysis and its myths

5 Myths of Multiple Regression Analysis

Today’s world is data-driven, hence, you should always make decisions driven by data whenever possible. But processing the huge data volumes at your disposal >>

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10 Computer Vision Tools You Need To Have In Your Pocket

Just like human beings, computers can also see an image and describe what it sees correctly. The computer achieves this by utilizing computer vision software, which >>

Trees in Data Structure Explained in 5 Minutes

Trees in Data Structure Explained in 5 Minutes

Data is the most vital entity in Machine Learning and Data Science. And most times, this data can be present in the most complex and confusing >>

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10 Data Science Resume Tips that Will Land You a Job

Is data science still in demand in 2020? How do you write a data science resume? These are some basic questions asked by many people who >>