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Multiple Regression Analysis and its myths

5 Myths of Multiple Regression Analysis

Today’s world is data-driven, hence, you should always make decisions driven by data whenever possible. But processing the huge data volumes at your disposal >>

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10 Computer Vision Tools You Need To Have In Your Pocket

Just like human beings, computers can also see an image and describe what it sees correctly. The computer achieves this by utilizing computer vision software, which >>

Trees in Data Structure Explained in 5 Minutes

Trees in Data Structure Explained in 5 Minutes

Data is the most vital entity in Machine Learning and Data Science. And most times, this data can be present in the most complex and confusing >>

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10 Data Science Resume Tips that Will Land You a Job

Is data science still in demand in 2020? How do you write a data science resume? These are some basic questions asked by many people who >>

Business Analyst Challenges

Top 7 Career Challenges of a Business Analyst

Aiming for a business analyst (BA) career is something many people have set as a goal. Yet, being a business analyst requires a good set of >>

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30 Cool Data Science Terms You Cannot Do Without

Think of data science as a very large house with almost a countless number of rooms in it. Think of the difficulty of getting around such >>

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The Complete Python Split String Tutorial

Strings are great tools for Python programmers. In Python, a string refers to a character sequence written inside quotes. String variables can have >>

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7 Data Analysis Project Ideas to Boost Your Skills

These data analysis project ideas are an excellent way to prove your level of knowledge as a data scientist and showcase your proficiency.  If you’re looking >>